Karisa<3 (eyesclosetightx) wrote,

put me to rest. what will i remember in the morning?

I haven't been on this in awhile but in all honesty i'm so sick of not getting my thoughts out. this is only for my sake, i'm just trying to see things clearly.but anyways...........!
    Lately, i've been hurting. Right now even. I just feel as if i'm be so restrained to things i've once appreciated. ok, mabye i'm just going crazy right now? However, it's only the truth that comes out at this mind set and hour of the night. i'm just so sorry.
I feel as if someone is clenching my heart with their fist. I guess i'm really the only one that understands.
heh, me and my late night thoughts.
time to lay in bed, goodnight.
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